Why So Many Scripts?

Written by: Kitsune Lassiter

Orionz Belt Iwayama Jinn

In recent weeks, I have noticed a disturbing trend. So many people with LOTS of scripts attached to them. WHY so many scripts? I know I restrict the amount of scripts on my parcels to 10 but I have seen as many as 1200 scripts attached to ONE avatar.

In my opinion, I felt that it is MY responsibility to make sure I don't make things for other people too difficult when visiting them or they're just viewing my avatar. to everyone has a good internet connection or a great computer, so just to be nice, I TRY to keep my render cost low and my scripts at a minimum.


Just for future reference, I do keep my parcel scripts to 10, if anything more, security will bump you out. If you have re-size scripts, why don't you just delete the scripts when you're done? Don't make everyone around you miserable just because you HAVE to have that hair.


UPDATE  I HAVE turned off the script and render limitations, for now. Please though, remember what you have on you effects those around you. Not EVERYONE has a really good computer or great internet. Thanks.