Just Remember....

Written by: Kitsune Lassiter

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Here is a list of things that could improve a Second Life experience:


  1. There is ALWAYS two sides to a story.
  2. The conversation is over when you, unprovoked, start using language that even my former Navy hubby is surprised at. Permanently.
  3. Some people come to SL for a little peace & quiet, a break from rl, and not listen to entitled whiney diatribes.
  4. Some People have rl issues that prevent them from getting a private island. Second Life seems to be lacking in compassionate people who think of others & their rl situations.
  5. People who can't script should NOT look to solutions forcing a landowner into something they DON'T feel comfortable with.
  6. Griefing is when you park your car in my shop for the millionth time that day cause you don't know how to script or drive.
  7. When you wear 900 scripts & go to someone's parcel who likes good performance in SL, don't whine when they eject you.
  8. When you sic your friends on someone you disagree with, you are officially pathetic. It's worse when you LIE to your friends about what happened.