Parker Building

Written by Kitsune Lassiter

PalmerShopAd1This beautiful shop is great way to showcase your products. With beautifully rendered textures for more atmosphere, your products can really shine and give your customers a relaxed atmosphere for a better shopping experience!

At only 100 land impact, this has a footprint of 52 meters x 42 meters. Included is a 64x64 meter platform for either a skybox, land or water use!


Features included:
- 3 levels for more product placement
- Great patio for showcasing special releases or setting up a garden rooftop for customer relaxation
- Working windows and dock door
-Easy rezzing and setup!
- Fun loft and open layout
- Platform 64x64 meter and only 2 land impact/1 prim. can be resized!

Come and see it in world In Triggerfish here.