Building in Sansar and More!

Written by Kitsune Lassiter

LBCPSansarFor the last couple of years, I have been slowly phasing out of Second Life and into Sansar, Linden Labs graciously gave me the opportunity to build in Sansar as part of an early access program to their new virtual reality worlds. 

I will say, when Linden Labs came out with the press release that they were going to build a new Second Live from the ground up, I had my doubts that it would be better.  I was very pleasantly surprised!


Sansar is a fantastic place to build.  I have to do it all in Blender, but I personally love it!  I have so much more control and am not limited to the whims of the Linden Moles.  My water can be placed anywhere, NO MORE AWFUL NEIGHBOR BUILDS. No more planes flying overhead. My builds look great....and I could go on and on.

CastawayIslandWebIf you haven't been to Sansar yet, go and sign up for an account here then download the software and take it for a spin!  

In the coming weeks, I will post updates of the builds I am working on, including an in-world shop and a rebuild of my Triggerfish sim.  I also have a new partner-in-crime who will be joining me at his pleasure as we plan some fun worlds and activities.