A New Look and so Much More!

Written by Kitsune Lassiter

I admit it, I have neglected the site way to long. I do have a good excuse however. My friend Mauve Binder and I have recently decided to redo triggerfish that would better benefit the both of us. On top of that I have decided to start a software/game development company and I have had a lot of updates on many of the other sites I manage. That alone ALWAYS seem to keep me busy beyond the hours that are provided in one day.

I sometimes wish I could do a Mulitiplicity and clone myself. I just worry that I may get a #4 the first time I did it. That would NOT be good and with my luck, that is ALL I would get.

Anyway, There is a new look at Triggerfish. I put block prims down for now to get an idea of what I need in Blender to make a natural, Japanese look. It takes care of my homesickness of Japan and I hope you enjoy it. Please bear with me as I do spend a LOT of time in Blender making things for other people, and finding the time to make things for my area in Triggerfish is unfortunately, taking a back seat