Castaway Paradise Shops

Building in Sansar and More!

LBCPSansarFor the last couple of years, I have been slowly phasing out of Second Life and into Sansar, Linden Labs graciously gave me the opportunity to build in Sansar as part of an early access program to their new virtual reality worlds. 

I will say, when Linden Labs came out with the press release that they were going to build a new Second Live from the ground up, I had my doubts that it would be better.  I was very pleasantly surprised!

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HOT HOT Summer!

dog 1310545smallIt's going to be a hot summer!  I wish it wasn't.  So I guess I'll bee keeping myself busy on the back porch making stuff for the shop and you, my customers.  So to start, I am totally redoing my shop so you can buy my items as either a builders resource or as a consumer.  All my ads will be clearly marked at to which they are.

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Japanese Fever

I have been out of world for a bit due to a family trip to Japan.  Kamakura, Tokyo, There is nothing like Japan in the fall. With the help of the Yoshida brothers and their Shamisen, I am back in with lots of new ideas, indeed an overload of ideas.  The shops will be getting more products, and a whole lot more. 

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CoLab #149

CoLab Kit 149 Ice Cream Parlor This week's CoLab will be a fun one so keep you eyes on this space for new products!

Spring, mesh, and more...!

113900878 ebf7f7a675 bSorry for not getting this up sooner, I got stuck in a project that took a lot longer than I wanted it to.  

Anyway, this year I hope to roll out a lot more mesh than I have in the past.  I have been busy getting other projects done including moving websites to another server. Not that those pesky projects are done and I am focusing on getting all of my shops loaded with wonderful products. I have already released 2 shops and more great stuff is coming in the following weeks.

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