faq 463345 640I have been asked many questions thoughout the years and I thought I'd address the ones I get asked the most here.  If you do not see your questions, please send me a notecared in-world and I will give you and answer as soon as I can.  Please remember that I do have a RL job and sometimes I am buried in clients, so it may take a while to get back to you.



Q.  The textures marked Demo in your builder's kits are marked no transfer.  Do I need to find my own textures?Full perm

A.  Yes.  I make them (DEMO textures)  just so you as a builder can see what the finished products CAN look like. It is up to you and your imagination to finish it.  I do sometimes provide textures you can use in your kits, but those are full perm and for you to use on whatever you create. :D  I do also provide AO textures (for shading) and UV Layout, as well as the final texture so you can take a look at how things are laid out on the mesh object.

Q.   I can't make heads or tails of the texture layouts and AO maps.  How can I texture my creation?

A.   I set my creations up so you SHOULD be able to drag and drop your textures on your creations.  If a creation has the same texture through out the 1 object, you will only need to add the one texture, because it has the same face.

Q.  I cannot get the product in the CoLab sale.  The vendor is saying it is not available or up for sale.  Will I be able to get it at the sale price later?

A.  Sometimes Second Life likes to mess with my scripts and while I set the on sale for a limited time, if SL happens, It will sometimes take the product off of the sale and mark it unavaliable.  If this happens I USUALLY will set my products for sale for an additional week or so.  If you do not get it within that time, I am not able to give you the CoLab sale price.

Q. I didn't receive my product.  Now what?

A. Second life sometimes screws up and you don't get the item you paid for.....before sending me a notecard, go into my shop and click on the redelivery terminal to get what SL stole from you. :D   If you still don't get it or your product is not showing up, then send me a notecard detailing the issue along with the date and time of the transaction.