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Customer Service Policy

Please feel free to leave me a notecard with your questions or requests on it. You can also use the contact form here.  This will get to me quicker and a guaranteed way of contact since Second Life loves to eat things.

Please remember that if you treat me with respect I will happily do the same in return.  I want you to be happy with my products but I will not be abused.  Doing so will only get you muted, then my help will be impossible.

Please contact me first before leaving negative review in the marketplace...after all..I am here to make your purchase experience a good one.

Just keep this in mind.  I do try my best with my products...but sometime SL happens. ;-)

FYI - All creations are registered with the US Copyright Office and are bound under the DMCA and international copyright laws.  Any violations will be reported to the proper authorities and proper legal action will be taken.  Thank you.


faq 463345 640I have been asked many questions thoughout the years and I thought I'd address the ones I get asked the most here.  If you do not see your questions, please send me a notecared in-world and I will give you and answer as soon as I can.  Please remember that I do have a RL job and sometimes I am buried in clients, so it may take a while to get back to you.



Q.  The textures marked Demo in your builder's kits are marked no transfer.  Do I need to find my own textures?Full perm

A.  Yes.  I make them (DEMO textures)  just so you as a builder can see what the finished products CAN look like. It is up to you and your imagination to finish it.  I do sometimes provide textures you can use in your kits, but those are full perm and for you to use on whatever you create. :D  I do also provide AO textures (for shading) and UV Layout, as well as the final texture so you can take a look at how things are laid out on the mesh object.

Q.   I can't make heads or tails of the texture layouts and AO maps.  How can I texture my creation?

A.   I set my creations up so you SHOULD be able to drag and drop your textures on your creations.  If a creation has the same texture through out the 1 object, you will only need to add the one texture, because it has the same face.

Q.  I cannot get the product in the CoLab sale.  The vendor is saying it is not available or up for sale.  Will I be able to get it at the sale price later?

A.  Sometimes Second Life likes to mess with my scripts and while I set the on sale for a limited time, if SL happens, It will sometimes take the product off of the sale and mark it unavaliable.  If this happens I USUALLY will set my products for sale for an additional week or so.  If you do not get it within that time, I am not able to give you the CoLab sale price.

Q. I didn't receive my product.  Now what?

A. Second life sometimes screws up and you don't get the item you paid for.....before sending me a notecard, go into my shop and click on the redelivery terminal to get what SL stole from you. :D   If you still don't get it or your product is not showing up, then send me a notecard detailing the issue along with the date and time of the transaction.

About Us

profile 2011IRL Kitsune Lassiter is a Graphic/Game Designer and is an excellent 3D Sculptor. In Second Life™, She builds everything from skins to unique homes that can't be found anywhere else in Second Life™

She runs her own grid and love spending time building in her Old West towns, Pirate enclaves, and Island escapes.  If she isn't in Second Life, she can be found there.

LBCP 7seas Customs List

Welcome to Kitsune's Little Buddy's Castaway Paradise! Sit back, relax, and enjoy some family friendly fishing! This area is family friendly. Although it is listed as mature, please no nudity or profanity in public.

You never know what you may catch here, and custom prizes are being added all the time! Keep checking back with us!
We now have 3 custom prize givers to increase your chances of catching our customs!

IF you happen to level up here at Castaway Pardise send an IM of your level up message to Kitsune Lassiter for a special prize!


**NOTE - weare currently in the process of upgrading all of our customs and adding new ones as well as moving them to Sansar...... Some are missing as they are broken or being made into mesh to make life easier on fishers.  We appreciate your patience while we make these upgrades.



Kits Custom prize giver
======== Common Catches ========
[LBCP] LBCP sunset shirt
[LBCP] LBCP midday shirt
[LBCP] LBCP Fishun' shirt
[LBCP]Common Salvage: Bamboo
[LBCP]Common Salvage: Rock
[LBCP]Common Salvage: Food Crate

======== Uncommon Catches ========
[LBCP]Uncommon: Sushi Cannon
[LBCP]Uncommon fish: Aka Hanabi Ka
[LBCP]Uncommon fish: Kin Hanabi Ka
[LBCP]Uncommon fish: Kuro Hanabi Ka
[LBCP]Uncommon fish: Midori Hanabi Ka
[LBCP]Uncommon fish: Murasaki Hanabi Ka
[LBCP]Uncommon fish: Pinku Hanabi Ka
[LBCP]Uncommon fish: Shiro Hanabi Ka
[LBCP] LBCP Crab Shirt
[LBCP] LBCP Marlin Shirt
[LBCP] LBCP Got Bait Shirt
[LBCP] LBCP Gilligan Raft Blueprint (Requires Bamboo, Skipper's Laundry Bag, Life Preserver, Water Barrel, Rock, and Food Crate)

======== Rare Catches ========
[LBCP]Rare Fish: Blue Neon
[LBCP]Rare Fish: Green Neon
[LBCP]Rare Fish: Pink Neon
[LBCP]Rare Fish: Popcorn Shrimp
[LBCP]Rare Fish: Babel Fish Boxed
[LBCP]Rare Salvage: Life Preserver
[LBCP]Rare Salvage Water Barrel

======== UltraRare Catches ========
[LBCP]UltraRare Fish: Filet O Fish
[LBCP]UltraRare Salvage: Life Preserver
[LBCP]UltraRare Fish: Fish Fry

======== SuperUltraRare Catches ========
[LBCP]SuperUltraRare: Warthog
[LBCP]SuperUltraRare Fish: Fish Flambe'
[LBCP] LBCP Pro Fishing Rod 1.0 (Gilligan)
[LBCP]LBCP Pro Fishing Rod 1.0 (Mr. Howell)
[LBCP]LBCP Pro Fishing Rod 1.0 (Mrs. Howell)
[LBCP]SuperUltraRare: Black Pearl
[LBCP]Alien Abduction Rod
[LBCP]Super Ultra Rare Salvage: Skipper's Laundry Bag

Redneck Prize Giver
======== Common Catches ========
[LBCP]Common Salvage: Plunjer
[LBCP]Common Salvage: brown barul
[LBCP]Common Salvage: barul of stuff

======== Uncommon Catches ========
[LBCP]Uncommon Blueprint: Redneck Boat (Requires Tub, Pipe, Plunjer, Toylet, and Curten)
[LBCP]Uncommon Blueprint: Redneck Fan Boat (Requires jenuradur, mini frij, streat sine, poysun barul, box fann, lawn chaer, oil barul, palut, brown barul, and barul of stuff)
[LBCP]Uncommon Salvage: Pipe
[LBCP]Uncommon Salvage: oil barul
[LBCP]Uncommon Salvage: palut
[LBCP]Uncommon Salvage: streat sine

======== Rare Catches ========
[LBCP]Rare Salvage: Curten
[LBCP]Rare Salvage: Toylet
[LBCP]Rare Salvage: box fann
[LBCP]Rare Salvage: lawn chaer

======== UltraRare Catches ========

[LBCP]UltraRare Salvage: Tub
[LBCP]UltraRare Salvage: mini frij

======== SuperUltraRare Catches ========
[LBCP]SuperUltraRare Salvage: jenuradur

Real Fish Prize Giver
======== Common Catches ========

======== Uncommon Catches ========

======== Rare Catches ========

======== UltraRare Catches ========
[LBCP]UltraRare Fish: Largemouth Bass

======== SuperUltraRare Catches ========
[LBCP]SuperUltraRare Fish: Trophy Largemouth Bass

We will also have from time to time limited edition fish for special events or holidays. Keep fishing to see what you will get next!

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