Mesh Land Impact Reduction Tips

LIandimpact 1I have been asked several times if I could give tips on what I do to reduce land impact when uploading my mesh. As a result, I figured I'd jot down a few tips and tricks I use when I want my mesh to look good, but not bog down Second Life servers, cost me an arm and a leg to upload, as well as not look like something that comes from your worst nightmare. Please keep in mind, most of this tutorial covers all aspects of mesh creation that I could think of, including just exporting a mesh out of Mesh Studio or your viewer and optimizing it in Blender.


This is a work in progress so please bear with me. Brown Monsters 01

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Custom Brushes Tutorial




This is a good tutorial if you are looking to make patterns for fabrics. Even though this tutorial is a few years old, it SHOULD work in current versions of Adobe Photoshop. I hope you find it useful. If you do or need another video, please don't hesitate to send me a note and let me know

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Dancing Bear Tutorial with Puppeteer


A great way to animate prims in Second Life is to use Puppeteer. This tutorial takes you through the steps of animating a bear. Although this one isn't too good....I will clean it up and add a better one later.


**NOTE** Puppeteer is no longer available for sale in Second Life.  You can find scripts here and here that will do the same thing.  (The second link will take you to thescript created by the Puppeteer creator, Todd Borst.)

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